Online Program


Format: Full time or part time
Location: Online + annual immersion event in Mannheim
Language: English 
Duration: 15 months (full time); flexible for part time




International Program in Survey and Data Science (IPSDS) is a modular educational program that permits you to shape your curriculum according to your personal and professional needs. You can take courses from anywhere in the world as IPSDS is based on a flexible, online learning environment. IPSDS courses are held by world-class faculty from leading universities and organizations. In live online sessions they will share their academic and practical experience and insights with you. You will get to interact and network with faculty, industry leaders, and peers during our onsite-workshops.


IPSDS offers a multidisciplinary curriculum with a focus on survey methodology and data science that prepares you for the challenges of working with designed data from surveys and big data. IPSDS aims to equip you with the necessary tools to face these data and to work successfully in this new environment. In addition to the core courses a number of electives allow you to deepen your knowledge and specialize in survey methodology, statistics or data science. 

Focus areas

From summer 2020 on, the International Program in Survey and Data Science will be offered as the Master's program Mannheim Master of Applied Data Science & Measurement by Mannheim Business School. In addition to the required core courses, students can choose various elective courses to even better adjust the program to their personal and professional needs.

See our Curriculum page for further information.

Access from anywhere in the world

IPSDS is an online program accesible from anywhere in the world. Thus, students can adapt their studies to their professional and personal responsibilities and combine profession, studies and family.

Small Classes: around 15 participants
Engagement: weekly online meetings & required readings


Application for 2022 intake is due by April 15, 2022. Meanwhile, you can join our single open courses. In case you have any questions, please contact