The online International Program in Survey and Data Science consists of 75 ECTS. Students may choose courses from the following key skill areas:

  • Defining and Refining Research Questions
  • Data Generating Processes
  • Data Curation/Storage
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Output/Access

The program is designed to fit the schedule of working professionals. Students can complete the program at their own pace (max. duration is 5 years). We recommend that students start the program with no more than 3 credits/6 ECTS per term.

In addition to the online courses, participants are expected to visit Mannheim for a 2 day immersion event - Connect@IPSDS.

People interested in attending individual online courses can sign up for those courses through the Joint Program in Survey Methodology at the University of Maryland.


The IPSDS program starts with a course on fundamentals of survey and data science. Students will be introduced to a set of principles of survey and data science. The course will expose the student to key terminology and concepts of collecting and analyzing data from surveys and other data sources to gain insights and to test hypotheses about the nature of human and social behavior and interaction.

Areas and courses

Research Question