The online International Program in Survey and Data Science consists of 75 ECTS. Students may choose courses from the following key skill areas:

The IPSDS program starts with a required course Fundamentals of Survey and Data Science. Students will be introduced to a set of principles of survey and data science. The course will expose the student to key terminology and concepts of collecting and analyzing data from surveys and other data sources to gain insights and to test hypotheses about the nature of human and social behavior and interaction.

Focus Areas

Within the Master's program Mannheim Master in Applied Data Science and Measurement students can choose one of the following tracks to even better adjust the program to their personal and professional objectives (with a min. # of ECTS per skill area).

Track I - Survey Methodology
This track will allow students to take positions such as Survey Methodologists, (Quantitative) User Experience Researchers (UXRs), Research Scientists or Decision Scientists. To be effective in these positions, students will apply learned skills such as delivering compelling, written, in-person and visual presentations of research findings.

Track II - Survey Statistics
This track will allow students to take positions such as (Survey) Sampling Statistician, Research Scientists and Decision Scientists. Students will be prepared for creating sample designs and data analysis task, create solutions for data quality problems, creating software for sample size calculation, weighting, variance estimation, imputation, nonresponse adjustment.

Track III - Data Insights
This track will allow students to take positions that use scientific methods, processes, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data. The focus of this track is on unstructured data (text data are one example) in contrast to more structured survey data that are designed for a specific purpose.

Areas and courses