Date: June 9 (Saturday), 2018

Location: the East Wing of Mannheim Palace (Mannheim Business School Lecture Hall)

Connect@IPSDS is a half day event dedicated to facilitating networking and  information exchange in the area of survey and data science across various sectors (academia, industry, government, and non-profits).

Connect@IPSDS is of interest to:

  • Students/young professionals - join us for our career fair and keynote speakers to hear the latest survey and data science applications

  • Organizations/companies looking for experts in survey and data science - represent your organization/company during our career fair

  • Researchers and practitioners - network with a diverse community of data experts and join the discussion about survey and data science applications across a broad set of domains


13:00 Registration

13:00 Career Fair 

14:00 IPSDS Talks & Panel Discussion:

  • Harriet Mugera, World Bank
  • Curtiss Cobb, Facebook

16:15 Coffee and Cake